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Find out more about our mutual funds, including rates of return and investment holdings.


Quadrus Group of Funds has many options to build a diversified portfolio that reflects your individual needs. Your investment representative will help you select products based on your goals and tolerance for risk. As a long-term investment solution, mutual funds offer:

Generally, mutual funds can be redeemed at any time and the redemption value depends on the unit value on the day of redemption. It may be lower or higher than the purchase price.
Subject to deferred sales charges and any other applicable loads or fees

Mutual funds allow you to invest in many different companies and industries within Canada and across the world. Funds managed by different fund managers provide diversity of investment style.

Mutual funds offer the potential for higher returns compared to guaranteed investment certificates (GICs) and also potentially more risk. There are many mutual funds to choose from that are managed to match your comfort with risk.

Professional management
Professional managers continually research and monitor markets, trends and the companies in which they invest to maintain proper diversification, and to maximize returns consistent with the fund’s objectives.

Mutual funds are cost-effective because they allow you to invest in several different companies at a fraction of the cost of buying individual units in similar proportions to the mutual fund.

In this section is an overview of our various product options, a complete list of our funds, and information on the investment managers who manage them.

Product options
Investment managers

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