Quadrus Group of Funds is a unique combination of mutual fund products with a history dating back to 1970. Since 2001, it is one of the fastest growing mutual fund families in Canada with over $3.7 billion in assets under management as of June 30, 2013.

Quadrus Group of Funds offers clients a multi-managed, multi-style approach by some of the world's leading investment managers. Investors in this family of funds can choose from options invested in all major asset classes and have access to interesting product features such as our tax-efficient income series, corporate class funds, negotiable pricing options for large investments, a rebalancing service and our innovative charitable giving program.

The fund family is managed by Mackenzie Financial Corporation, one of Canada's leading mutual fund managers. Mackenzie selects the portfolio advisory teams and provides accounting, administration and record keeping services for the funds. Quadrus Group of Funds is exclusively available through investment representatives registered with
Quadrus Investment Services Ltd


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